Hello everyone , I am writing something after a long time as busy with my new Office Setup. Working with 3DS MAX I found lot of problems as a beginner .And a common problem is how to setup the grid with proper unit like feet, meter , centimeter etc. To achieve realistic rendering of object Its very much important to setup the Unit correctly. Suppose you are designing a House interior.It very important that you place object inside the room with its real word height and width.This will help our client to archives the actual room space left after the decoration or placing the furniture's.


The Final Result will look like this :

In the picture You could observe that the length-height-width are all 1 feet.And the object placed in grid perfectly occupy on square box. And the good news is that you could achieve this with just few mouse click :

Go to Toolbar

Customize --> Unit Setup .


Next Go to Angle Snap Toggle -> right click on the Icon which bring the following dialog box as shown in picture below


Set Grid Spacing to 1.o'(feet). That's all you are done.Enjoy High Quality 3D Rendering.