Go to tool -> plugins then navigate to tab named “settings” Look at down right corner for a add button. Click that !


A popup window opens Name it whatever you like ,

But this specific url to the URL field : Hit “OK”.

Now navigate to “available plugins” tab and search for android from the search field.

From the catalog list choose android and “Android test runner for Netbeans 7+ “ and give a tick in the left and hit install to begin download and installing those plugins.


ALL thins are quite similar for netbeans version below 7.

Here is something different in case of net beans 7.

NOW GOTO” TOOLS” AND SELECT A NEW MENU ITEM android SDK and AVD manager. From there select your SDK location as described in pic and click wait. If you don’t have SDK installed you could download and install it from the download link there. Wait few seconds and after that click new project and you will get a new project type folder named Android to select.


Choose the desired application type and press enter to start it. Happy Coding.