Custom Web Application

" We believe if your business is unique then it should get a tailor-made software which exactly fulfill the needs. You don't have to adjust your business or learn to use the software, rather we will custom code our software to fit your business needs. "
Custom Web Development

We build custom web application to solve your business process for a wide range of industries including Education, Government, Transportation, Manufacturing, Retail and Healthcare.

ERP Software

We build custom Web based ERP solutions for businesses. It allows an organization to use a system of modular applications to manage the business depertment wise and automate most of there daily work.

Open source software

To reduce cost and time-frame, sometime we use open source free software as base. Then customize it to fit into the specific business requirements. Sometimes its better not to reinvent the wheel.

Using Cloud Computing

We use cloud computing to host our web based ERP software. Which dramatically increase the speed and flexibility of that software. Most importantly the service is scalable and you need to for the uses only.


We enable your custom business application to take payment from your customer by integrating E-Commerce module. Which make payments cashless, effortless and instant.

B2B(Business to Business)

B2B portals are the greatest example of custom web application. For example Flight and hotel booking portals like makeMytrip, yatra, cleartrip etc.

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Awesome design

We focus on Awesome user interface design because that is the ultimate thing we will interect with day be day..

Resourse optimised

Our code is clean and moduler.And we test it so hard that it alwasy consume less resorses and stay high performace.

Fully Responsive

Starting from website to web application,they all are fully responsive by defualt.As this is our basic criteria to build something.



" Custom web application costs according to the level of customization needed by the client, hence we request you to send us your contact details so we could arrange a Skype or face to face meeting with you. "
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