Architectural 3D rendering

Architectural 3D rendering serves as an efficient communication tool for internal design approvals and reviews during the conceptualisation and design phases, it helps construction teams to view the proposed layout and is also used for effective marketing and presentation purposes.

We combine the latest in visualisation technology, in-depth knowledge of local requirements and the expertise of our skilled designers to deliver architectural rendered images for a range of clients, including homebuilders, retailers, architects and general contractors.

Our 3D architectural rendering services are used for conceptual planning, designing and marketing /presentation purposes.

We create conceptual images and photorealistic architectural perspectives for 3D architectural rendering projects in commercial, residential, hospitality, educational, and industrial sectors. We currently provide residential architectural renderings and rendered 3D retail images for large homebuilders and retailers in the US, Canada, Australia and the UK.

Architectural 3D Rendering Projects and Customer Types:

  • Multiple new home renders for a leading homebuilder.

  • Multiple retail store interiors for a global leatherware brand.

  • Computer-generated residential architectural renderings for the master planning phase of a residential development project.

  • 3D images and walkthrough for a residential development

  • 3D rendered images for a new apartment complex

  • 3D architectural visualisation images and flythrough for a residential scheme

How We Do It

We follow the step by step process given below

1. Our architectural rendering services and architectural visualisation methodology includes the creation of detailed 3D models (which could be in Revit or AutoCAD) using your plans/elevations. The 3D model is then exported to 3ds Max where textures, materials, reflection, depth, lighting and other features are added. To add more life to the physical model, content, landscaping and even people are added using Photoshop to make the image photo-realistic.

2. Once models are created we provide high-quality 3D photorealistic rendered images for any perspective complete with relevant branding for general communication, planning and tender/bid presentation purposes. Various feedback stages are built into the above to extract the required information from our clients.

3. Our architectural visualisation process ensures ongoing input and collaboration from our clients and their extended teams allowing design iteration and development to be incorporated into our work.

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